Robert Downey Jr. received a Christmas Eve pardon for his drug conviction in 1996

Published On December 29, 2015 | By Morgan Ryan | Entertainment News

California Governor Jerry Brown issued the pardon as part of an annual Christmas Eve tradition which included 91 other individuals who committed minor offenses which are no longer felonies in California.

The official statement reads, “By completion of his sentence and good conduct in the community of his residence since his release, Robert John Downey, Jr. has paid his debt to society and earned a full and unconditional pardon.” A spokesman for the Governor further explained, “People make mistakes. To err is human. The question that the governor ponders is, how do folks respond? What do they do to pull themselves up? Pardons are not granted unless they are earned.”

Nearly 20 years ago the Avengers star was convicted of felony drug possession after the LAPD found him on a Los Angeles highway with heroin, cocaine, and a gun in his vehicle. After repeated arrests in 1996, he served, in total, two years and eight months behind bars.


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