‘Star Wars’ may net Disney $2 billion with first film…..because of their product tie ins?

Published On December 15, 2015 | By Morgan Ryan | Entertainment News

Disney spent $4 BILLION buying “Star Wars” from George Lucas, so they really need it to start paying off immediately.  Sources say “The Force Awakens” has to make $1.5 billion to be considered a hit.

Of course, there are early estimates that it could turn a $2.7 billion profit, so they might not have anything to worry about.

But on “60 Minutes” Sunday night, Steven Spielberg said director J.J. ABRAMS is sweating bullets right now . . . quote, “Oh, J.J. is terrified.  There’s a lot of pressure on him to start paying Disney back.”

J.J. also discussed the pressure saying, “It’s not a movie. It’s bigger than all of us. It’s almost a religion for people.”


In other Star Wars news: there product tie ins are getting ridiculous.

BB-8 oranges and Yoda grapes? Darth Vader’s food of choice? We don’t think so. But neither is Campbell’s soup and SpaghettiOs…



COVERGIRL Star Wars Collection: limited-edition mascara & lipstick!

Death Star waffle maker

Star Wars duct tape

Is there any force more unstoppable than the Force is Star Wars‘ marketing machine?

Facebook will let you add a lightsaber to your profile picture this week:  You can choose between totally-evil red and obviously Luke’s blue.





Photo: Screen grab

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