Microsoft co-founder being blamed for massive coral reef damage in Cayman Islands

Published On January 28, 2016 | By Keri | Entertainment News

Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen is being accused of destroying thousands of square feet of coral reef off the Cayman Islands.

Well, not him specifically, but his $160 million yacht (yes, we said $160 MILLION).

The anchor to Allen’s 303-foot yacht ‘Tatoosh’ is being blamed for dragging along the coral reefs and destroying almost 14,000 square feet of reef.

Allen’s yacht is the world’s 43rd largest superyacht with a crew of 35, two helicopter pads and five decks.

In response, Allen’s Vulcan Inc. said in a statement, “Media reports are greatly exaggerated and the investigation by the local authorities is continuing. The local port authority had directed the Tatoosh to anchor in a designated area, and the crew moved the vessel, on its own accord, as soon as it learned from local divers that there might be a problem. The crew is cooperating fully with the local authorities in this matter.”


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