Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s strange, monotone video apology

Published On April 19, 2016 | By Morgan Ryan | Entertainment News

JOHNNY DEPP’S wife AMBER HEARD pleaded guilty this week to sneaking her two Yorkshire terriers into Australia last year without declaring them.


She and Johnny recorded an apology video together, and it’s blowing up online because you can tell they only did it because they HAD to.  They’re both actors, and they used ZERO of their acting chops for it.


They just looked straight into the camera, and talk about how important it is to declare your pets to protect Australia’s ecosystem.  It actually seems like someone is standing off-camera, pointing a gun at them or something.


Apparently they did it as part of her plea deal, and it was shown in court yesterday.  It was also posted on YouTube.  So maybe they decided it was a better way to get the message across than throwing her in jail.


They originally threatened to lock her up for 10 years, which seems a little excessive.  In fact, some people online have been jokingly calling it Australia’s “War on Terrier.”


In the end, Amber got a ‘good behavior bond,’ which is like probation.  And if she violates it, she has to pay a fine of about $750.






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Photo: screen shot

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