Susan Boyle causes scene at airport after family disagreement

Published On April 11, 2016 | By Keri | Entertainment News

Susan Boyle, who rose to fame via Britain’s Got Talent, caused a scene at an airport in Northern Ireland last week.

The 55 year old, who was getting ready to fly home to Scotland, apparently was running around and shouting “Help me!” in front of shocked travellers in an airport lounge before being led into a room by airport staff who comforted her.

One witness said: “There was quite a buzz in the airport when people became aware of her presence. To see her running through the airport after she left to board the flight, screaming for help, was the last thing anyone expected to see.”

Over the weekend, a friend of Susan’s said she had become upset after having a fight with her brother, saying “Susan’s trip wasn’t what she had hoped it would be. She had travelled to Derry for a birthday celebration and had taken her brother with her but sadly the two of them had a disagreement. He decided to leave early on his own which was a problem for Susan, who is not used to travelling alone and felt very vulnerable and upset. She became quite ­distressed and in the end her assistant flew out from Glasgow to collect her and brought her home safely the next day. Susan is a lovely woman and an incredible talent but she was really let down by being left on her own. She’s home now and is absolutely fine and as with most family squabbles it will all be resolved.

It’s well known that Susan has struggled with fame and has previously had a few public incidents which have attracted concern for her mental health.


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