Steve Harvey Finally Explains His Miss Universe Mistake

Published On January 6, 2016 | By Morgan Ryan | Uncategorized

By now, everyone knows that STEVE HARVEY botched the announcement of the Miss Universe winner . . . and for anyone who’s still worked up over it, Steve wants you to know he DID take the hosting gig seriously, and it wasn’t a publicity stunt.



He says he was there for a table read, a full walk through, and a full show dress rehearsal before the big night, and adds, quote, “I went to more rehearsals than I’ve ever gone to for anything.”



When asked about the rumor that he messed it up on purpose, he said, quote, “You want to do a publicity stunt, you do it yourself.  I’m already famous.  Do you really think I wanted to be famous like this?”


WATCH ABOVE (around the 1:17 mark)


He added, quote, “When I walked off, everything was cool, and then, after that, all hell broke loose . . . All I heard was people saying, ‘That’s the wrong name.’  And all I hear is confusion backstage . . .



“The only regret I have is how this must have made the woman from Colombia feel.  I don’t feel sorry for me, I don’t feel sorry for the pageant . . . I felt for HER more than me because . . . I haven’t been waiting all my life for this moment.”



He also said he’s tried reaching out to Miss Colombia to apologize to her personally, but her people are NOT returning his calls.


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